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Darryl Baulch; Founding and Current President, CRCA 2013

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Darryl Baulch; Founding, CRCA 2013


Darryl's history with rodeo dates back many years and with the CRCA since its inception in 1990 as the CRCA's founding president. Darryl has proudly watched the association that was conceived around his kitchen table grow and evolve over the years. During this time he has taken his turn as President on the boards during various years but also continued to complete in the roping and steer wrestling events.

Darryl's favourite event is team roping. Darryl's passion for roping developed in Canada during an extended stay. Initially going to Canada to compete in bull riding, he started to attend roping schools. As he travelled and competed in Canada at rodeos and jackpots across the country his commitment to the sport intensified.

Although he has a string of competition wins to his name, undoubtedly Darryl's highest achievement within the industry has been out of the arena. This is his commitment and achievement in overseeing the growth of the CRCA. Darryl is extremely proud of the growth of the CRCA's membership and the talent that has come from within the CRCA membership ranks that has gone on to be worldwide winners.

Darryl's aim as President for 2013 is to deliver a successful finals that delivers good spectator value and a positive result for the CRCA. He also hopes to renew connections with smaller rural communities and meet new committees interested in joining the CRCA as they move forward and look to the future of rodeo in regional Queensland together.