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Matthew Busby; Vice President, CRCA 2013

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Matthew Busby – Vice President, CRCA 2013

Matt has been associated with rodeo for over 17 years when his passion for the sport began at the age of 18. His favourite event is the Saddle Bronc of which he has been an active competitor for many years. Matt's highest achievement was securing the Rookie Saddle Bronc title in 1998. However Matt's experience doesn't stop at competing as he has assisted his father for many years as a stock contractor supplying horses for the rodeos.

Matt's passion for the sport is easy to recognise. Having accompanied his father, stock contractor George Busby, to rodeos from a very early age he enjoys all aspects of the industry. He particularly enjoys assisting younger competitors entering into Saddle Bronc and Bareback events. Watching the younger competitor's improve in their technique and gain more confidence at the many practise days he attends is very satisfying. Matt also has a strong interest in the breeding and training side of the equine industry. When asked what he hoped to achieve during his term as Vice President of the CRCA he said he hoped to help introduce more honesty and equality within the association and sport as a whole. He would also like to encourage more juniors into rodeo.