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2011 CRCA Champions

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2011 CRCA OPEN TITLE WINNERS               
Bull Ride                                                                 Justin Paton                                                                                                                                      
Saddle Bronc Brendan Breiner
Bareback Brett Cross
Rope and Tie Jay Pokarier
Steer Wrestling Shane Iker
Team Roping Header Shane Iker
Team Roping Heeler Brody Moss
Ladies Barrel Race Lesley Moore
Ladies Breakaway Angela Simpson
Allround Cowgirl Angela Simpson
Allround Cowboy Shane Iker
Bull Ride Leannard Vannek
Saddle Bronc Jason Sypher
Bareback Owen Lee
Rope and Tie Jay Pokarier
Steer Wrestling Brenton Bell
Team Roping Header Jay Pokarier
Team Roping Heeler Brenton Bell
Ladies Barrel Race Stefi Roberts
Ladies Breakaway Rachelle Stanley
Allround Rookie Cowgirl Chloe Roberts
Allround Rookie Cowboy Jay Pokarier                                                                                                                                
Barrel Race  Sarah Morgan
Bull Ride  Leannard Vannek
Breakaway  Jay Pokarier
Saddle Bronc  Sam Terry
Bareback  Travis Heeb
Allround Junior Cowgirl Stefi Roberts
Allround Junior Cowboy  Jay Pokarier
Saddle Bronc of the Year Little John - George Busby
Bareback Horse of the Year Iron Bark - George Busby
Bucking Bull of the Year Wild Thing - Fred Kleier
Bull Fighter of the Year Ryan Ibbotson
 Rodeo Queen Davina Roberts